Teaser for ‘The Birthday Boy’ Launched by Mehar Ramesh

Bomma Barusu Productions is excited to announce the release of the teaser for their upcoming film, *The Birthday Boy*. This inventive buddy comedy-drama marks the debut of the NRI director-producer duo, Whisky and his collaborator, who have crafted this new-age feature-length movie with a fresh perspective. Tollywood film director Mehar Ramesh launched the teaser and praised the directors for their unique vision.The movie is set to release on July 19.

The teaser opens with a scene set in a house abroad, where a vintage TV show *Neekosam* is playing. Actress Rohini appears as an anchor, reading birthday wishes in a nostalgic 90s style. The show features a photo of Balu surrounded by surprised girls. Meanwhile, a group of four friends are seen celebrating Balu's birthday with booze and revelry. The scene shifts back to the TV, showing a photo of Balu with Trump. The characters are introduced in a unique manner, reminiscent of suspects in a police station with name boards. The friends, heavily inebriated, engage in bizarre antics. The TV screen shows Balu in a strange pose, mocking the anchor. The intense celebrations are interrupted by the arrival of the police, leaving the friends shocked and fearful.

The Birthday Boy tells the story of five young friends who immigrate to the US to pursue their MS. The film explores the various situations they face in an unfamiliar land and how their lives change. Based on true incidents, this slice-of-life buddy comedy portrays the US with a touch of sarcasm as the 'Land of Doorapu Kondalu Nunupu'.

The makers have employed the Sync Sound (live recording) technique to ensure authenticity and a realistic mood. Whisky and his producing partner have invested all their savings into this high-quality, technically superior film. To enhance the film’s visual appeal, a Hollywood technician from Turkey has been brought on board for a unique type of color grading.

The Birthday Boy promises to be a captivating blend of humor, drama, and real-life experiences, brought to life by a passionate team of newcomers. The movie will be released on July 19. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project.

Ravi Krishna, Sameer Malla, and Rajeev Kanakala.

Writer and Director – Whisky
Executive Producer – Bharath
Produced by Bomma_Borusa
DOP – Sankirth Raahul
Music Director – Prashanth Srinivas
Production Designer – AR Vamsi G
Editor – Naresh Adupa
Sync & Sound Design – Sai Maneendhar Reddy
Sound Mixing – Aravind Menon
Color Grading – Metin Okutay
Make-up Chief – Venkat Reddy
Publicity Designer – Omkar Kadiyum
Digital Marketing – First Show
PROs – Eluru Sreenu, Maduri Madhu


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