Sabari Is Screenplay Driven, Audience Will Be Thrilled: Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Talented young actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar is keenly awaiting the release of Sabari which is billed to be an edge of the seat racy action thriller. The film is releasing in theaters on the 3rd of May and the promotional campaigns are underway for the film. On the occasion, Varalaxmi sat down for a chitchat with the media and here is what she had to say about the film that is directed by Anil Katz and produced by Mahendra Nath Kondla. The film is presented by Maharshi Kondla under Maha Movies banner.

How did Sabari journey start?

I listened to Sabari story even before I signed Krack. I loved the plot of Sabari right in the first sitting and I readily okayed the project. It challenged the actor in me and it brings something new out of me, other than the negative shade characters that I have been doing. It is a female oriented film but our producer Mahendra Nath spent adequately to deliver a winning product. 

The director and producer are new, wasn't it a risk to work with them?

Life is all about risk. We can't judge hits and flops before they are made. The director and producer trusted in me and I repaid them with my performance in the film. It is a different attempt.

How did first time producer Mahendra Nath appeal to you?

He is a very genuine person. He will make you the payments even before you ask for it. He is a man who has immense respect for the craft and he is here to stay.

Ganesh Venkatraman is playing a key role in this film, tell us about it?

You should watch it in the film. Sabari is a screenplay driven film and it will thrill the audience from start to end. The action part is blended with the story.

You're famous for angry young women roles, so playing a mother is a risk, isn't it?

In my first film, Poda Podi, I played a mother. I am an actor and I have to be ready for challenging roles. The audience are the ones to judge my conviction and performances. 

Brief us about your role in Sabari?

I play a normal woman who is a single mother and has husband issues. What happened to her husband? What about the mother-daughter track? My character in this film is unlike anything I did in the past. This is going to be a new experience. The mother-daughter emotion will also mean a huge deal in the story. 

Are you committed to another film to this producer?

Yes, certainly, if the story is good. 

Tell us about your finace Nikolai?

He spits facts about my films. If he likes it or hates it, the verdict will be clear from him. But he like almost all of my films. We are getting married this year.

Next film?

Kurma Nayaki is ready for release. I'm doing a Tamil film with Dhanush. There's Max with Kannada star Sudeepa. Two-three films are in the discussion stage now and more details will be out soon.


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