Sasidavane: Godari Atu Vaipo song highlights romantic thirst

Following his acclaimed performance in "Palasa 1978," Rakshit Atluri returns to the screen in "Sasivadane," a charming romantic entertainer co-starring Komalee. This delightful collaboration is helmed by writer-director Saimohan Ubbana and produced by Ahiteja Bellamkonda, marking a significant partnership between AG Film Company and SVS Studios Pvt. Ltd.

Mark your calendars for April 19th, 2024, as "Sasivadane" prepares for a grand worldwide release. The film's captivating teaser, trailer, and songs have already piqued the interest of moviegoers, and the makers are planning exciting promotional activities to further heighten anticipation.

Adding to the excitement, the latest song, "Godavari Atu Vaipo," has just been released. Kittu Vissapragada's beautiful lyrics blend seamlessly with Saravana Vasudevan's heartfelt and youthful music, creating a melody that resonates with the audience. Anudeep Dev's enchanting vocals, complemented by the chorus of Vasa Pavani, Lakshmi Meghana, Maneesha Padranki, and Rachita, bring the song to life. The picturesque backdrop of the Godavari River adds visual splendor to the musical experience.

Anudeep Dev's captivating background score immerses viewers in the story, while Saravana Vasudevan's soulful tunes evoke a range of emotions. Cinematographer Shrie SaiKumaar Daara's stunning visuals capture the scenic locations, enhancing the film's aesthetic appeal.

Rangasthalam Mahesh, Sriman, Jabardasth Bobby, Praveen Yandamuri, and Deepak Prince play pivotal roles in the film, which is enriched with youthful and romantic dialogues.
With its talented cast, captivating music, and stunning visuals, "Sasivadane" promises to be a heartwarming cinematic experience that will leave audiences enchanted.

Movie: Sasivadane
Banner: AG Film Company, SVS studios
Presented by Gauri Naidu
Starring: Rakshit Atluri, Komalee, Sreeman, Deepak Prince, Jabardast Bobby, Rangasthalam Mahesh
Written & Directed by: SaiMohan Ubbana
Produced By: Ahiteja Bellamkonda , Abhilash Reddy Godala
Executive Producer: Sripal Cholleti
Music: Saravana Vasudevan
Background score: Anudeep Dev
Audio: TIPS (Telugu)
Cinematography: Shrie SaiKumaar Daara
Editor: Garry BH
Choreographer - JD
Costume Designer: Gauri Naidu
Production By: AG Film Company
CEO: Ashish Peri
PRO: Naidu - Phani
Marketing : Cross Clicks Marketing Agency


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