Queen Kajal Aggarwal shared Naveen Chandra's "Inspector Rishi" web series trailer on social media and conveyed her best wishes.

Queen Kajal Aggarwal recently shared the trailer of Naveen Chandra's upcoming web series "Inspector Rishi" on her social media platforms, extending her best wishes to the team. The series features Naveen Chandra in the lead role, with Sunaina, Kanna Ravi, Srikrishna Dayal, Malini Jeevaratnam, and Kumar Vale in other significant roles. Directed by Nandini J.S. and produced by Sukh Dev Lahiri under Make Believe Productions, "Inspector Rishi" promises a gripping blend of horror and crime. Scheduled to stream on Amazon Tamil Originals from the 29th of this month, the web series has garnered attention, especially from Queen Kajal Aggarwal, who is co-starring with Naveen Chandra in the movie "Satyabhama".

Set in the eerie Thien Kadu forest, the series revolves around a string of mysterious murders, where human corpses are found entwined with nests of maggots, reminiscent of animal carcasses. The villagers attribute these killings to Ratchi, a mythical demon believed to haunt the forest. The case is subsequently handed over to the CB CID for investigation, and Inspector Rishi, a new arrival to the town, takes charge of unraveling the truth behind the murders. Despite skepticism from the locals, Rishi opts for a scientific approach to his investigation. As the trailer unfolds, Rishi and his team stumble upon shocking revelations, leading them on a suspenseful journey to uncover the secrets of the Teen Kadu area and bring the perpetrator to justice. Kajal Aggarwal praised the trailer for its intriguing narrative and extended her best wishes to the entire team, including Naveen Chandra.


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