Mythri Movie Makers Bringing Indian Box Office Sensation 'Manjummel Boys' To Telugu Audience, Grand Theatrical Release In AP, TS On April 6th

Taking inspiration from a real event that occurred back in 2006, Malayalam survival thriller movie which tells the story of a bunch of pals hailing from Kochi made history by becoming the first Malayalam film to amass Rs 200 crore in the global market. The film, directed by Chidambaram S Poduval, and featuring Soubin Shahir, Ganapathi, Khalid Rahman, and Sreenath Bhasi in the lead, was an instant hit among the Malayali audience. The film received a landslide reception from other language audiences as well.

Pan India production house Mythri Movie Makers is bringing this Indian box office sensation to the Telugu audience. The production and distribution company acquired the Telugu rights and they have now announced to release the movie in AP and TS on April 6th, as a summer attraction.

Babu Shahir, Soubin Shahir, and Shawn Antony produced the movie on Parava Films banner. The Telugu version is presented by Naveen Yerneni and Ravi Shankar Yalamanchili. Shyju Khalid cranked the camera, while Sushin Shyam provided the music. Vivek Harshan is the editor and Ajayan Chalissery is the production designer.

'Manjummal Boys' is a movie based on the true experience of the youths from Ernakulam Manjummal who rescued their friend who got trapped in Gunacave in Kodaikanal in year 2006. 

'Manjummel Boys' will be released in Telugu with the same title. With Mythri Movie Makers backing the Telugu version, it will have a grand release in Telugu.

Cast: Soubin Shahir, Ganapathi, Khalid Rahman, and Sreenath Bhasi

Technical Crew:
Writer, Director: Chidambaram
Producers: Babu Shahir, Soubin Shahir, Shawn Antony, Naveen Yerneni and Ravi Shankar Yalamanchili
Banners: Parava Films, Mythri Movie Makers
DOP: Shyju Khalid
Editor: Vivek Harshan
Music: Sushin Shyam
Production Designer: Ajayan Chalissery
Action Director: Vikram Dahiya
PRO: Vamsi-Shekar


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